Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Having done some deep digging and study of my past history and relatives, my daughter and I have discovered some very shocking news. As reported by and confirmed the Church of Jesus Christ and the History of Deacons. That I am in fact a relative of the late Lady Di. I am her cousin from my fathers side. Which took a little bit to believe. Why ? Well it is'nt easy to believe that your related to Royalty when you have grown up in a foster home from the time that you were two. But It's proven that I am so I guess I will accept that and carry on. The strange thing is that Lady Di and I are the same age with very similar features and qualities. This crest is the crest that has been in our family for years. Oddly it is the same one that Lady Di used. By the way, my full name is Diana Elaine. Just something strange.

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