Thursday, January 31, 2013

Time to take tea and relax...

So perfect....

just some old windows and such

When I was a little girl on the farm, it was my job to gather the eggs from the chicken coop...

This reminds me so much of my Aunties place in the country

I'm currently doing this on the inside of my house, Kinda like an inside out Tudor style. Very oldworld... Love it.

This makes me long for warm summer days in the garden.

This beauty is a Dream.....

This is such an awesome idea, I'm waiting to find the right piece of furniture.

Gorgeous Rose....

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Oldworld style kitchen

Romantic hearts for decorations

Handmade fabric hearts

More hearts for Valentines Day

This may be kinda ugly to alot of folks, but every time I see it , all I do is Dream....

Flowers and lace

I need this so much, That special warm time of year . Where things are growing , with a wonderful display of color and warmth.

Simply beautiful...

I can come up with lots of ideas for this , adorable

Remember when.....

Such a bright, happy kitchen

An old favorite, love the blue and white

Awesome idea...

Found this shield at a salvage place , it hangs in my entryway. It really has that oldworld charm I love so much.

An antique armoire which was on someones front porch. They took 60.00 dollars for it just to get it off the porch. It took three men to carry it , without the drawers in it. I repainted it and it turned out really nice.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

One of the things I enjoy doing , making little hearts

I've not been on here long, my blog is kinda new. I'm really excited about it . I have so many great ideas to share with you.  Can't wait till spring thats when things really get busy. Although I start really early on planting and getting compost going. Have some really cool repurpose ideas and some really cool planter thoughts. I will post before and after pics for all of them.

This might be the wrong end, but it sure is pretty

One of the most gorgeous photos I've ever seen

Pink houses look so happy and warm, they seem to glow

My house is in the woods on a lake, so I thought the color should be a little brighter than tan which is what it is right now. Anyway if anyone seeing this blog would like to help  out  I'm more than happy to consider your ideas. I just thought the blush pink would really bring out the greens in the woods from the trees and the pretty flowers around the house. What ever we decide I will post before and after photos. Can't wait to see what happens !

Well we had some hail damage to our house so I've been trying to figure out what color I should pick to redo the house in. We have wood stained garage doors and the front door will be the same so they match. I thought at first that the house would look good in a light butter yellow. However now I'M wondering what a pale blush pink would look like . Anyway I was looking around to get an idea and came across these gorgeous homes. Take a look.
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